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**ALL SOLOS WILL BE 70% – 100% TIER 1 COUNTRIES!** (USA, UK, Canada, Australia)


See what some of my customers have to say about my Extreme High Quality Solo Ads!

“I would like to say that Rich was very helpful to me as I am new to all of this. I ordered 200 clicks and I got 260 excellent clicks with 138 opt ins and 2 sales. I will be back for many more. Your solo ads are way better than most. I tried some others and even though I’m new to this I am learning fast. You are top on my list…Thanks Rich!”
Bob Wolff

“Wow buddy – what a solo ad! Not only did I order 150 clicks and received 224 (nice over delivery!), but I also made a $437 profit! Thanks for the great service buddy, I’ll definitely be buying again….”
James Francis
“Great solo from Rich…talk about over delivery…try 60% ! I’m still getting opt-ins. He’s personable, service oriented, and the results speak for themselves! Don’t hesitate to purchase a solo from Rich!…”
Martha Alexander
“Rich, I wanted to give you a quick testimonial to say the solo was great! You overdelivered on clicks, response and communication was quick, I had over 45% optin rate with a high ticket sale just one day after solo ended. I’ll definitely be coming back again and again; and as a matter of fact, I’ve already paid for another order and looking forward to another great solo run…”
Dustin Swigart
“Great Solo Seller… over delivered with very responsive traffic. I got a 45% conversion rate and a couple of sales. Knowing where to find good clicks is everything. I’ll be back every month for more…”
JR Coburn
“Rich’s solos rock! I got over 20% over delivery plus a whopping 50% opt in rate. That is insane since the squeeze I used hasn’t been over 40% in a month! If I could use Rich’s solos everyday I would. Flat out responsive list from a guy who knows what he’s doing…”
Greg Pasquale
“Very happy with my results from Rich’s solo ad service. Quick delivery, great communication, and lots of new subscribers. I will be using this service again for sure!…”
Thomas Burke
“I bought a 150 click Solo from Rich and he over delivered significantly. All clicks were received within 24 hours and the final opt-in rate was over 40%. I found Rich easy to do business with and I would definitely use his service again and recommend him to others!…”
Rich Jones
“I am absolutely thrilled with the 150 click solo that I just purchased on Saturday from Rich! He sent it out the NEXT DAY, and I received 176 clicks, 78 opt-ins, 15 went to step 2 and 5 people applied! THAT ROCKS! Definitely recommend Rich and will be using him again!…”
Sarah Harris
“Thanks for sending me great traffic Rich! The solo ad you sent out for me sent FAST traffic to my site and my optin rate was great with your list, as well as getting some sales on the front end was a plus, so thanks!…”
James Starr
“Hey Rich, I just wanted to say thank you for the solo! You definitely over delivered and it converted pretty well too! It’s always good to find new, good sellers and I found one with you…”
Josh Adlesperger
“I bought a 100 click solo ad from Rich Ciufo and he sent me 119 clicks. That is a 19% over deliverability. This is always good and I will be back to buy more solo ads from Rich. He is very easy to connect with and a pleasure to do business with!…”
Colin Meunier


All solos will be sent out directly to my lists only, NO exit pop-ups, NO traffic exchanges, NO safelists, NO other things other than my lists, so you can be assured of a great campaign for your offer!

**ALL SOLOS WILL BE 70% – 100% TIER 1 COUNTRIES!** (USA, UK, Canada, Australia)

Don’t be fooled by cheap solos that send clicks from countries you’ve never even heard of! You’ll be wasting your money!

Please Read These Terms Before Placing Your Order!

  • Solos are ONLY for Internet Marketing related free offers, NO randomizer ads and NO paid offers. (If you want to advertise a paid offer, contact me first. While exceptions can sometimes be made, I send mostly to free offers. You of course can then have as many paid OTO’s as you wish after the subscriber has opted in to your list.)
  • Part of my service includes writing the ad copy for you. I know my list very well and I will get the best results possible for you. If you have an ad copy, feel free to provide me with it and I will use it if I feel it fits my list.
  • I RESERVE the right to refuse ANY solo ads. If I do not think it’s a good fit and if you cannot change the ad copy or URL, I will refund your money.
  • By placing an order for a solo ad, you agree to the no refund policy.
  • I reserve the right to start sending traffic to the URL before the provisional date.


How it works:

After your payment is received, just send your solo ad with subject line to RICHBIZ64@GMAIL.COM and I’ll get back to you shortly with details on when your ad will run. If you have a preference on a certain date, please include that in the email and I will do everything possible to accomodate your request!




1000 Clicks Normally $700

Currently Priced At $480



750 Clicks Normally $525

Currently Priced At $390



500 Clicks Normally $350

Currently Priced At $285



300 Clicks Normally $210

Currently Priced At $180



200 Clicks Normally $140

Currently Priced At $134


100 Clicks

Currently Priced At $70


Disclaimer: *I CANNOT determine the results you will receive with your solo ad.
However, I could guarantee that your offer will be sent to my high quality & responsive list 
and you'll get the UNIQUE clicks that you paid for.
There are NO REFUNDS for Solo Ads. If you are not 100% certain you want our services please do not purchase.